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How to use insulating tape

Method of operation
In the electricity process, people note that the power line material cross-sectional area of the size of the safety of the use of electricity have an impact, but often the use of adhesive tape is not enough attention. Power lines lay more and more complex, walking under the wood floor, walls, partitions and wet underground or water are. If the insulation tape used improperly, will be leakage, endangering personal safety. So we have to use the correct insulation tape, power cord connector points "+" word connection, "-" word connection, "T" word connection. Joints should be wrapped around, smooth and no burr, otherwise, before the break in the line, you should first use the wire clamp light pressure, and then around the pressure mouth, and then left and right pendulum, the thread will be dressed in the joints at the break. If the joints in a dry place, you should first use insulation black rubber wrapped around 2 layers, and then wrapped plastic tape 2 layers, and then insulated with self-adhesive tape elongated about 200%, wrapped around 2 to 3 layers, and finally wrapped around 2 layers of plastic tape.

Direct use of plastic tape more shortcomings: plastic tape for a long time easy to dislocation, open plastic; electrical load heavy, the joints heat, plastic tape easy to shrink shrink; power connector in the junction box with each other squeeze, the joints have burrs, it is easy to bar Plastic tape and so on.
These risks will directly endanger personal safety, causing short circuit, causing a fire. The use of insulating black tape will not appear above, it has a certain strength, flexibility, long-term tightly wrapped around the joints, by the time and temperature effects and compact shape, will not fall off, and flame retardant. Moreover, wrapped with insulating black tape wrapped plastic tape can be moisture, rust.
Of course, the insulation self-adhesive tape is also flawed, although it is waterproof but easy to break, so the last need to be wrapped with two layers of plastic tape for the protective layer, connector and connector insulation self-adhesive tape non-stick, better performance.

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