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Tourist Sports-Huabao InsulationTourist Sports-Huabao InsulationTourist Sports-Huabao Insulation

  In order to enrich the company's employees' recreational activities, promote communication among their colleagues, enhance collective cohesion and team spirit, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere, the company organized leading outdoor sports barbecues and Nian Huawan.

Event time: May 13, 2018

Participants: All employees and their families

Collection time: 8 am on the 13th, the company entrance parking lot

8 o'clock ride to the barbecue site, about 1 hour trip

Barbecue time: 9:00-15:00

  After going to the barbecue site, everyone worked together to rent the stove, open the oven, arrange the food for barbecue, and start the barbecue after they were ready. During this time, everyone chats, plays cards, organizes other games, and has on-site development projects on the water.After the barbecue, everyone returned the stove and grill and cleaned the garbage on site.

  After 3 o'clock, everyone took a bus to continue to the next tourist attraction - Nian Huanwan. After enjoying the scenery inside, everyone had dinner together and took photos. At 8 o'clock in the evening, we arrived at the assembly point on time and counted the number of passengers on the bus to go home.

  During the tour, everyone was happy and satisfied with the arrangement of tour guides and responsible persons. Observing the time regulations, this event strengthened exchanges and cooperation among various departments, enhanced the feelings among various departments, and laid a foundation for creating a harmonious working atmosphere for the company. A solid foundation has been achieved for the intended purpose of the event.

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